Hannah Ling, 10/04/2019
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The #CrossEqualsLove Easter Takeover is all about sharing the transforming message of Easter; that God gave his one and only son to die for our sins and take our place, so that we could know God and have everlasting life.

Hillsong Church have used the symbols † = ♥ for almost a decade alongside their Easter services, but it has since grown in to a global movement. We're joining in with this movement to remind people of the real reason for Easter.

The Evening Standard's review of plastic-free Easter eggs originally called the inclusion of the story of Jesus (in the Real Easter Egg) 'bizarre' which made us think - people don't know that Easter is about Jesus and God's love! Our vision is for everyone everywhere to have the opportunity to encounter God's love... but we need you to help us get the word out that #CrossEqualsLove!

How do I join in?

We'd love you to interrupt Easter on your social media channels!
  • Add the #CrossEqualsLove Facebook Frame on to your profile picture in black or yellow
  • Use the #CrossEqualsLove Facebook Camera Frame in black or yellow to create you own #CrossEqualsLove pictures (don't forget to tag us when you post on social media!)
You can also download some #CrossEqualsLove images to add to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to point people to God's love this Easter (don't forget to use the #CrossEqualsLove hashtag and tag Church Army). We've got some suggested text you can add to your posts too...

If this feels a bit exposing or you're wondering "what if people ask me questions I don't know!"...

Don't worry, most people feel nervous about sharing their faith! Try and remember the difference knowing God's love has made in your life and why you'd want other people to experience God's love too - let this be the basis for your #CrossEqualsLove posts

If someone asks you some difficult questions about Christianity, you could put them in touch with a someone you know who's good at explaining things to do with the Christian faith. You could also point them towards Christianity.org's website or do why on earth... ? with them to open up honest discussion on the difficult questions of faith. Or why not invite them to the Easter events and services happening at your church?

Talking about your faith seems a bit scary for a number of reasons. If this is how you feel, why not try our free Faith Pictures course which helps people talk about faith in a natural and easy way.

Throughout Easter, we’ll be sharing our favourite #CrossEqualsLove content that you create, so get creative and make sure you tag Church Army!

Have a joyful and peaceful Easter!